I never wear false lashes because yes iv’e been blessed with naturally full ones- but i will tell you that Revitalash is legit! I had a friend put lash extensions in just to try them out and i hated them because they would hit my pillow at night lol. So i ripped them out (NEVER do this) and along with the false lashes went my real lashes. I had never seen so few lashes on my eyes before. But luckily my spa sold revitalsh. My managers lashes looked like cow lashes and everyone was always ranting about it and we could never keep it on the shelf- so i bought some and literally within a week my lashes grew back. And since than i have been addicted to it. I always get compliments on them even if I’m not wearing any makeup. There are different brands like latisse, but latisse brand has been knows to discolor your eyes. So my suggestion to you is revitalash! And one tube last like 5 months. So it’s a great investment for yourself! You can also use it on your brows. The Average price is apron 145$ but you can purchase this product on amazon for $109! Click on the image to the left for the direct link! 🙂
To use: On clean skin (no makeup) apply to your top lash as if you are applying eyeliner. You can apply at night or morning or both! I do at night for my nightly ritual after my shower.


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