New amazing black eyeliner discovery! Try it for halloween!!

loreal eyelineI don’t really wear much makeup during the work week, but when i do go all out- especially on the weekend- or in this case for halloween-eyeliner is a MUST! Eyeliner on top, bottom below lashes, AND on water line. It makes your eye color pop and you can turn your eye shape into any shape you want! I love “cat/egyptian” eyeliner style with the swoop tip on the outside. Its super sexy and flattering to any eye and face shape. So my makeup artist Angela was using this eyeliner on me and was *sighing* with excitement as she was swooping it on my lids and said, “GIRL! have you tried this eyeliner? It’s not even mac, its L’OREAL!” And for a makeup artist to brag about a cheaper brand is pretty rare. So she was explaining to me on why she loved it and when i looked in the mirror i was super shocked too. She used the same eyeliner for both top, bottom, and even water line. It lasted the entire shoot and even the rest of the night! It ALSO comes with a PERFECT little liner brush! So i went and bought it for myself to try and see if i could get the same effect and i surely did! SO not only does L’OREAL have my absolute #1 favorite mascara over any brand in the world (voluminous mascara .. click on the link to see a recent past blog about this mascara for more info and why its my fav).. and yes im being dramatic and saying world… but now a favorite eyeliner that is basically 2 in 1 type on eyeliner: Infalliable Lacquer Liner 24 HR.  The little brush it comes with is to die for too. Its made perfectly for making the “swoop” and getting in the very tiny inner corner as well as brushing nicely on your water line!
L’OREAL is really on point these days and saving us ladies some money and annoying mall trips just for one small makeup item! YAY!!
Here is a photo from a halloween party i had and went to this weekend where i used the eyeliner for dramatic halloween egyptian makeup on me and one of my best friends…. even on my finacé for his costume (hes gunna kill me for saying this and posting this pic hehe). =D

Go get it and use it for halloween too and let me know what you think!! :)
** Our ridiculously bronzy and perfect spray tan’s are also from our amazing sponsor Tantrum Tanning Salon in DFW, Texas!**


All Day Every Day Natural and Glowing Skin Quick Tip

I just have a quick tip for you guy that i recently started doing and will continue to carry this on! I don’t wear makeup during the day because i’m either in class, working out, or doing house work/artwork/blogging stuff. But i still like to at least look in the mirror an be presentable to myself lol jk… But anyway, i usually use a moisturizer before bed and than in the morning i apply a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers sometimes have an illuminating effect (giving you that glow), and also a sheer cover as well as spf and moisturizing (obv). So i fell in love with my night time cream so much that i wanted to wear it during the day too…. but it’s not tinted or does it have any color added to it…. And for me i like to wear tinted moisturizer because i spray tan and hate hate HATE when my face is pale white and my boy is really tan… so how do we take care of this when i dont wanna wear makeup??

In the palm of my hand i put my fav moisturizer, a dab of my tinted moisturizer (for the illumination it gives that i love), and than a small dab of dark mineral foundation (to add color to my skin that i love). Combining products sometimes give you what YOU need and what YOU want…. so why not make your own tinted moisturizer with your favorite products? The reason i say mineral foundation is because mineral makeup is oil free and non comedogenic which means it wont clog your pores… and you dont want to mix anything on clean skin that will cause you to break out… right?