I said it once, and i’ll say it again. . . Coconut Oil is the gift from God!

benefits of coconut oil Photo via modamob! They have great tips and we will most likely be posting some of our favorites from them and many others when we come across the BEST health and beauty tips and the I know really do work, are easy, and affordable. I blogged about the benefits of coconut oil a couple of years ago when i discovered it and I still live by it to this day. It is my answer to EVERYTHING!

Natural Beach Waves with Volume–& Without the Man Hours!

Me and my fiance celebrated thanksgiving this weekend in the country where his family is, and let’s just say while they all played sports- i played with my hair lol… and of course ate everything is sight :(
I have never learned how to french braid and it is something i have always wanted to teach myself. My mom use to french braid my hair when i was younger all the time. This weekend his cousin Mary Katherine gave me french braid pig tails! I havent had them in sooooo long! I wanted to rock it for a lot longer than two days but since i dont know how to do it, i couldnt adjust all the loose ends and hair sticking out (lol) so i had to take them out this morning. My hair looks GORGEOUS! It has a very natural looking wave from top to bottom and even some volume. My hair was dry when she did it and i kept it in for almost two days. But if you do this when your hair is wet and wake up and take it out- i promise you wont have to even brush your hair, and just leave with fabulous locks to work! I would suggest first trying it to see how it works our for you. If you love it, do it on a thursday night after a shower and wake up and take it out and have the hair for the weekend! The reason i think i love the look of the two french braid tails over one french braid is because i think it gives you a more defined smaller wave.

Here is before and after:
hairafterI have been wanting to rock the french braids with some hoop earrings and a colored lip with a cute casual outfit for winter, so i think i will do this again the next time i have an eventful weekend. Ill braid my hair at night before bed, wear the braids the next day, and than take them out before a dinner date that evening <3. There is nothing sexier than natural looking exotic beach waves!

Here is a youtube tutorial that i found, I will attempt to do it myself this weekend too. This one is good because she is doing it herself rather than someone else doing to her hair: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8R9vY4jWu8
Let me know what you think and how yours turns out!! I hope everyone has an amazing thanksgiving week! And don’t forget to send me any tips and secrets you would love to share! Send to info@themermaidlife.com! Xo