All time FAV natural lip liner Matte lip liner has been a hit this year, but it has actually been a trick our mom’s and grandmother’s have been doing for decades! A tint of natural skin tone color that is a tad bit darker then your natural shade accentuates the lips also allowing you to go outside and around your natural lip lines giving the illusion of larger… more plump lips. I have been using this lip liner for for about three years. If i could get it tattooed on i would if i trusted it would turn out the same! You can get at Walgreen’s, CVS, Walmart… and anywhere else that sells RIMMEL makeup line. And of course the best part is it’s only $7!
Color: “Addiction” 018
Price: Approx $7
Where: Walgreen’s, CVS, Walmart, Target, ULTA

Review on the Trending “Blackout” Black Mask

Blackout face maskSo I have been a major product junky when it comes to skin care products since high school (I get it from my mama).Also working in and out of the “Med-Spa” industry you are introduced to the new “it” product on the regular. With this you are typically given free samples of these products to help you sell and also really believe in the value of the product. But then you come across the ones you have yet to try. I am not an expert by any means. Just a regular chick always looking for something to improve my skin. Ya see, your skin is what holds it all together. Your skin is what shows what is going on in the inside health wise; mentally, emotionally, hydration, & diet. When i feel shitty— my skin shows it. When I am sad or depressed— my skin shows it. Hungover? hell yes! majorly!
The key to healthy skin is HYDRATION and avoiding those UVA & UVB rays… and obv. common sense type stuff like washing your makeup off before bed.

Instagram and social media play such a major roll in selling a great product and I am a SUCKER for branding and packaging. The BLACKOUT mask is dope. Everything about it.
As you have read before I am a HUGE fan of the “Black Mask” by Revision Skin Care. But this BLACKOUT mask is very affordable and after trying it i feel it plays a very simple roll… & that is a basic hydrating mask that is super affordable. It is a black mask made up of activated charcoal, coconut water, and aloe vera.

Guess what? It’s only $15 and you get up to 8 treatments per package! It is shipped from Australia (I think haha), but i feel like i got mine at a pretty decent time frame. My vote for this product is a yes!

“Look we won’t bore you with the details, but in a nutshell the activated charcoal draws out dirt, oil and general grossness from your pores and refines your skin for a “yes, I drank eight cups of water and got nine hours of sleep” look – even when you really didn’t (because who actually does?).

As for the coconut oil, not only will it hydrate and moisturize but it’s also a natural antibacterial that can penetrate your skin better than any other oils. And, well its smells like you’re on a tropical beach, without all that sand left in icky places.

Last, but not least – Aloe Vera. Acne prone, inflamed skin isn’t the only type that can benefit from a little aloe love – sensitive, red and dry skin will also hugely benefit. It’s soothing and cooling effects help to rebuild damaged tissue and improve the skin’s elasticity, therefore minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hence why the ancient Egyptians deemed this guy “the plant of immortality”.”

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