About Us

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The Mermaid Life is a one-stop online shopping lifestyle that features items such as unique bathing suits, resort and beach cover ups, one of a kind dresses, and graphic statement tanks. Exclusive & elegant ancient Greek and Egyptian-inspired head and body chains are showcased throughout the website, along with hand picked and culturally inspired accessories. The Mermaid Life inventory is either designed or hand picked at wholesale across the world by owner Candie Vic. When ordering from The Mermaid Life your items will only take 2 to 3 business days to arrive (unless stated otherwise for pre-orders) with the option to deliver worldwide!

 Growing up as a Florida native, Candie was a frequent visitor of the beach, and bikinis were a first priority in picking out her daily wardrobe. While she liked her bathing suits … they just weren’t perfect. Combined with her fascination of ancient Greek and Egyptian goddesses, she began her first steps towards  designing and fell upon the look & feel she was going for. In the Summer of 2013, The Athena Bathing Suit Collection was born.  Not only is The Mermaid Life an online boutique but it also features a health and beauty blog written by Candie Vic herself. Originally The Mermaid Life started out as just a blog where Candie gives health, hair, makeup, and skin care advice. Candie then started designing graphic tees while studying Graphic Design for her readers and from there it has taken off to The Mermaid Life you know and love today.

After putting all of the finishing touches on each and every item in The Mermaid Life Online Web-store  we celebrated with a grand opening fashion show showcasing the Athena swim label as well as a viewing of the retail items.  The show was held on June 12, 2013 at Hotel ZaZa in Dallas, TX and featured the Athena bathing suit line worn by guest models from all over the US! The sold out show was a huge hit for The Mermaid Life. Now that the site is up and running we are looking forward to making every one of our customers feel like a sexy, confident, self-loving mermaid goddess!